CheerForce iOC6 Phantomz WORLDS 2013 TShirt!

CheerForce Phantomz Worlds TShirtCheerForce iOC6 Phantomz WORLDS TShirt Fundraiser! If you want one, please let me know -all orders and payments should be submitted by Monday.

You can tweet me at @CineEdwin or email email me at or you can purchase directly from PayPal.

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T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

Was asked by CheerForce Level 6 Coach to design a shirt for their fundraisers, so this is what I created.

One of the Coaches from CheerForce also Coach’s El Roble High School and made a few designs.

These designs were created withing 2 days.


Meet #TheInfluencers! A few months ago Klout selected who they deemed are the top social media influencers in Los Angeles and hosted us for a weekend at the Terranea Resort… while the weekend was great fun, much of the group stayed in touch and occasionally get together… to the great fortune of wherever we are meeting. Representing a reach of over 2 million people… our catching up for drinks resulted in close to 100 organic tweets and RT’s; multiple photos; multiple Facebook postings (endless likes), multiple foursquare check-ins, yelp+’s, Pins on Pinterest and even google+… those who were not with us… still joined in from afar… all in all… an amazing group… never underestimate who you might be sitting next to! 🙂 And for anyone owning businesses, hotels, restaurants, products… wanting #TheInfluencers to visit… please contact us at

Welcome to CineEdwin!

If you really enjoy CineEdwin on Twitter then you’ve come to the right place! Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough to express how you really feel… If you follow me on Twitter then you know what I normally tweet about -Music, Entertainment, Technology, just to name a few.  This will be more of a review of products and movies to some links I post. I would love to add some other “Authors” to this blog but for the time being, all post and entries are done by me!

For more information, visit my about me section!

8 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook Page

I’m a self learner… I can admit that I have no formal training, but just because I don’t have formal training DOESN’T mean I don’t know what to do. I learn by the best and always find ways to improve myself, either through online research “google” or attend seminars.

Just read this article by Mashable and already planning on using 4 apps.

8 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook Page.

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